How to measure foot length

  1. Tape a piece of paper to a hard, flat surface, ensuring the paper doesn’t slip.
  2. Stand on the paper, feet shoulder width apart and weight evenly balanced (only one foot will be on the paper).
  3. With a pen or pencil pointed straight down, have a friend or partner assist you by marking the tip of the big toe and the outermost part of the heel.
  4. Once the marks are recorded, step off the paper and use a ruler or tape measure to measure the distance between the two points. This measurement represents the length of the foot.
  5. Repeat the process with the other foot. Please note that it is common for one foot to be a slightly different length to the other.
  6. Apply the longer of the two measurements to our size chart to find the right correlating size for the recorded foot length. If the measurement is between sizes, we recommend sizing up.