MaToyLi Magnetic Tiles have a shape and bright color pattern that kids and parents absolutely love. The blocks and tiles have different shapes, allowing the children to make their imagination work extra hard. While playing, kids will be encouraged to develop shape, space, and color recognition.


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Make Playing Fun

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Is a goldmine of inspiration for parents and their children to discover the world of science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Isn't that fun?

MaToyLi...Where Kids build Dreams


Recent research has shown that language acquisition in infants is linked to cognitive pattern recognition. Children with a high level of shape recognition also have better grammatical knowledge. In addition, the study also showed positive results in terms of intelligence and memory capacity.

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With Matoyli Magnetic tiles, children learn to recognize shapes, create patterns and build fine motor skills. Colorful bright, high-quality Matoyli Magnetic tiles will help kids learn

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“Open-ended” means that your children can, with a little imagination, go in any direction. Open-ended toys are toys without an imposed playing pattern. It may not sound very obvious, but it is actually quite easy.

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Sharpen Their Memory

Your child will play differently at each stage of his or her development. For an older child, a simple small rocket ship can grow into the creation of a complex marble track that involves a lot more detailed technique. As they learn and develop, they become more and more involved in the game.


My kids really enjoy this set. They have really improved on their creativity potential. This is honestly the best bargain I got them.

Brian & Oscar

My son's creativity has honestly sky rocketed. It's unbelievable. It was worth every penny. I will definitely come back for some more.

James B.

At first, I didn't know that my son would like it but I was totally amazed that he turned out to be a huge fan.

Baby J.

This Matoyli toy is great because the children can learn while playing.

Annette K.

When my daughter wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is getting her Matoyli set out. That really shows me that she's totally in love with it!

Anita B.

How Our MaToyLi Works

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Review MaToyLi magnetische knikkerbaan

“Ja,ik kan met zekerheid zeggen dat we nog heel lang plezier gaan hebben van dezetoffe knikkerbaan en het dus een daverend succes is hier!”

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20+ leuke activiteiten met magnetische tegels

“Jekan er heel veel dingen mee doen en dat moest ik natuurlijk thuis eensuittesten. Zowel in de klas als thuis is dit een enorme aanwinst. Dit hoort inhet rijtje van open ended magneet speelgoed en educatief speelgoed. Sowieso.”

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About MaToyLi

MaToyLi was founded by parents, for parents with the creativity and development of their children in mind. The founders of MaToyLi discovered that there are few magnetic educational toys for children on the market, none of which are high-quality. Thus, MaToyLi magnetic tiles were expertly designed and created.

Magnetic tiles are not only fun, they help to enrich little minds. Young children can easily build 3D constructions with magnets and learn about spatial awareness at an early stage. Building is good for developing brains!

Through the use of bright colours and shapes, children are stimulated to make fun creations with magnetic tiles from MaToyLi. Endless configurations of figures and designs guarantee hours of fun. MaToyLi has succeeded in its mission of designing quality magnetic tiles that enable children to learn while playing.

Frequently asked questions about magnetic tiles

Why don't you offer more magnetic tiles packs?

The idea behind MaToyLi magnetic tiles is that children are challenged to make new creations themselves. Our magnetic building kits are ideal for creativity. We do not offer a castle, farm, or fire station; we want children to use their minds to create something new.

With MaToyLi magnetic tiles, children can build their own creations and let their imaginations run wild. Those inventive builds always expand into something even bigger, or are torn down tomake room for new builds.

What is the origin of MaToyLi's magnetic tiles?

The magnetic tiles are originally from Japan. There, similar magnetic building blocks are very popular under the name of Pythagoras. It is not without reason that these Japanese toys are named after the ancient Greek philosopher who laid the foundation for one of the most important mathematical theorems.

Children discover this mathematical theorem in a playful way while building with MaToyLi tiles, in addition to many more geometric positions and concepts.

Are MaToyLi magnetic tiles safe for my children?

Without a doubt! It is not without reason that MaToyLi tiles are appreciated by many parents and children.The magnetic building tiles are made of very sturdy, non-toxic plastic that is100% safe. They are of high quality and will not break.

For which ages are MaToyLi magnetic toys suitable?

The magnetic tiles from MaToyLi are suitable for children from 3 years old. From three on, children are able to build with MaToyLi tiles while learning about how magnets work and building new creations. Young children are in the height of motor and cognitive development, and MaToyLi magnetic tiles help to advance their skills.

You will find that older children will continue playing with the magnetic tiles and further expanding their skills into more complex creations. The MaToyLi magnetic tiles are suitable for children from 3 to 9 years old.

How do I store the magnetic toys?

Storage was also considered when packaging MaToyLi magnetic tiles. All magnetic building sets are supplied in a sturdy plastic case. This means that you are always able to neatly store pieces when playtime is over so no pieces go missing.

Children develop organizational and responsibility skills during clean-up time when they neatly store all the magnetic tiles in the case. You will see that the MaToyLi case is an important part of every child's toy box.

When will my magnetic tiles be delivered?

MaToyLi keeps its stock of magnetic tiles in Belgium. Orders are delivered at lightning speed by DHL from our warehouse. Orders placed before 4 pm CET will be shipped the same day.

The delivery time is 1-2 working days for orders in the Netherlands and Belgium. Delivery time to all other European countries takes 2 to 5 business days (depending on the country.) We also deliver to addresses in the United States, Canada or Australia within 3 to 5 days.

Do I have to pay shipping costs if I order magnetic tiles?

Shipping costs depend on your order. We offer you free shipping with orders of 70 euros or more. That means you can enjoy free shipping with most MaToyLi magnetic building kits.

If your order amount is under 70 euros, you pay a modest amount for shipping for your order. Whatever and wherever you order, you can always be sure that you will receive your order within a few days.

Does MaToyLi provide a warranty on the magnetic tiles?

Definitely! MaToyLi guarantees quality. In addition we guarantee that all magnetic tiles have all necessary certifications (CPSC, CE, EN71, ASTM and CCC).

In the unlikely event that you do not like the magnetic tiles or the quality of the magnetic building blocks does not meet your expectations, you can return the toy to us without any problems. You will immediately receive your money back, guaranteed.