Want to let your child learn while playing with educational toys?

educational toys

Your child is your most valuable “possession” and you want the best for him or her. Of course you want your child to be especially happy. In addition, you also want your child to develop well so that your child progresses (more) quickly. When your child's skills are developed above average, the chance that your child will also do above average at school increases significantly. That will only make it a lot easier for your child.

With educational toys you can let your child learn while playing. You can't start with that early enough. By playing with toys that challenge your child, your child develops his or her skills. And that in a fun way without any coercion or pressure. Every child wants to be challenged and wants to learn things and with educational toys you let your child learn effectively and in a fun way while playing.

A child wants to learn continuously

Your child has been learning from birth. First of all, a child looks at others for what they are doing and copies this behavior, be it speech or actions. But a child also has a very rich imagination that he or she wants to do something with. Building, for example, is an outlet for this. By building, a child can visualize what is going on in that little head.

Learning while playing

Creative building (but this applies just as well for drawing, for example) works just like brainstorming. When your child has made something, he or she thinks a few steps ahead of what else can be made. That goes further than just fantasizing in the head. And that construction always involves challenges. That sometimes leads to frustration, but your child keeps trying until it succeeds or starts looking for an alternative.

By continuing to try, a child learns to be persistent and not give up. In addition, the resolving capacity is also tested to see whether something can be solved in a different way. And your child also learns to ask for help (with you as a parent) to teach him or her to do something. It is so much more effective when your child asks for help on how to do something. You will see your child paying close attention to how you are doing and as soon as your child gets it, he or she will push you aside to do it himself.

Developing your child's motor skills

Playing is also very important for your child's motor skills. Especially with educational toys, the small motor skills are developed so that the skills of the hands and arms are developed quickly. If your child learns at a young age to perform various actions with his or her hands, he or she will benefit greatly from this later in life.

Educational toys

You will see how independent the smallest children can already be when they can learn through play. They are constantly challenged and just keep playing. With educational toys, children can literally be entertained for hours without exaggeration. No television can compete with that and you will see that it is almost addictive, in the good sense of the word.

The great thing about most educational toys is that they are also for almost all ages. Whether a child is 3 or 12 years old, it wants to be challenged and that is possible with educational toys. A child's development is continuous and you can see over the years that your child's skills continue to develop. Therefore, the same educational toy - depending on what you buy in educational toys - may be suitable for both young and older children. You just see that they apply it in a different way.

Types of educational toys

Educational toys come in many shapes and sizes. An important distinction is creative toys and structured toys. With structured toys, a child learns to solve something within certain frameworks. This includes, for example, building toys from LEGO or Playmobile or making puzzles. Your child is guided to work towards a certain end result. This is very challenging and it teaches your child to follow rules to get something done.

With creative educational toys, your child is given a free hand to develop something themselves. The imagination is given free rein and the toys only provide the building blocks for it. It is not a matter of right or wrong of one thing or the other. One child is simply more creative than another, while another is more result-oriented. It is important to stimulate the strengths of your child so that your child excels in his or her strength.

Creative construction toys

The big advantage of building toys is that a child can see what they are making in 3D. He or she constantly sees the progress, learns about dimensions and how to create something. With structured toys, it is very important that you buy something that fits the exact age. After all, toys for older children can cause frustration and toys for younger children do not challenge your child.

By using creative building toys, your child sets the pace precisely. And count on your child really looking for the challenge. But exactly the challenge that suits him or her and you will see that the challenges are continuously shifted. If your child now builds a small structure a few blocks high, a week later that will be a structure that is twice as large.

Your child is inspired by what he or she encounters in the environment, whether it is on the street or at school or what your child encounters in books. Every day is full of impressive images that are stored in the child's brain. Your child will immediately express these images in the next building. This gives a lot of satisfaction for your child and only stimulates his or her development more.

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