Durable toys are safe, non-toxic and have a long endurance

Durable toys are safe, non-toxic and have a long endurance

The choice of toys is often a well-considered choice. Your child must of course like it, but you also want it to be educational so that your child learns while playing. In addition, the sustainability of toys is also increasingly important. Toys must be safe and also last a long time so that the ever-growing mountain of waste is not made even greater by toys that have to be thrown away again soon.

Not everyone agrees on the definition of sustainability. One states that sustainable toys should be made from ecological materials, such as felled trees. But the general definition is that sustainable toys should above all be "long-lasting", "safe and non-toxic", and "harmful to the environment".

When you make the right choice, the knife cuts on multiple sides. Children love to play with beautiful toys. They learn while playing with educational toys. Moreover, you can be sure that it is a durable toy because it is made of non-toxic materials and lasts for a very long time.

Durable is especially suitable to last

Durable literally means "suitable to last", "little transient", "long lasting", or "long lasting". An extra dimension has been added this century because sustainable can also mean "relatively environmentally friendly" and "damaging the environment as little as possible". There is also the broad definition that sustainability "taking into account the fact that energy sources, food, raw materials, etc. are not infinitely available" (source: Onze Taal).

This shows that the definition of sustainability is not unambiguous and that several interpretations are possible. Some will think that plastic toys cannot be sustainable by definition, but the question is whether that is correct. Looking at the literal definition, this is not true. Moreover, quality certainly also has to do with whether or not it is sustainable.

Natural sources are not enough

If we replaced all the plastic in the world with wood, for example, there would be no trees left. That would be awful, of course. We love nature and we need trees to survive.

That is why we believe that when toys are developed from plastic, they should be non-toxic and made from safe plastic. In addition, it must also be of such quality that it will last for years. In this way you can say that these types of toys are suitable to last.

That is why it is important that the origin of materials is traceable and that it is selected on the basis of very strict selection criteria. This way you can be sure that what is promised about sustainable toys is really true and that it is safe for all children to play with.

Safety comes first

Many (small) children sometimes sometimes put a toy in their mouth. Simply suckle because they need it. That in itself does not have to be a problem if the toy is made of 100% safe materials. Plastic made of non-toxic materials can therefore also be handled without any worries (although that is of course not the intention, it should only be played with…).

In addition, with the sustainable toys - and therefore high-quality toys - you do not run the risk of something breaking off. Extraordinary quality toys will last for years. Even with rough use, this durable toy can take a beating.

How long should sustainable toys last?

Quality is relative and even the highest quality items can break. The question is then whether it can be repaired and, above all, whether it makes sense to repair it. Sometimes it is crazy how little things are actually repaired. This is precisely one of the biggest reasons why the waste mountain continues to grow.

When cheap toys break, it often makes no sense to repair them, so that they end up in the waste. Then something new is bought again, often also cheap toys, which are also quickly thrown away. Then we certainly cannot speak of an efficient use of (natural) resources.

Long-life toys

That is why it is also important to buy toys that are not hype that will not be looked at after a few weeks. Hypes come up very quickly and disappear just as quickly. Educational toys often last longer because they are fun to play with. In addition, children who are challenged by toys will also tend to keep playing with these toys for longer.

Moreover, it is absolutely ideal if you select toys that are suitable for all ages. Small children as well as older children can play with these types of toys. You can only see that they each apply it in their own way, but basically they play with the same toys. This means that toys do not have to be replaced every time.

If that is not a sustainable toy….

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