Educational toys, good for your child's development

educational toys

Every parent is involved in the development of his or her children. While one parent believes more in a natural process, the other is very committed to not miss an opportunity to stimulate the development of children. It is not a matter of right or wrong here, and above all, a child should be able to be a child and enjoy this beautiful time.

Yet one does not rule out the other. Children love to play and can really spend hours on it. And a child learns something from almost every game.

With educational toys you combine both things in a fun and smart way: your child enjoys all the fun while you can rest assured that the toys offer enough challenge to continuously learn something from them. With educational toys you therefore enjoy it both ways.

Learning while playing

A child wants to learn and be challenged. That tower has to become a bit bigger again, more dolls have to be added or experimentation has to be done with new combinations. It is therefore very important that toys also offer that challenge for a child.

After all, it is a tool for a child to turn his or her fantasy into something real. For example, by building with toys, a child can imitate that fantasy world. This also stimulates your child's imagination because it works as a kind of brainstorming. Your child is constantly pushing boundaries and learning new things every time.

It is therefore important to provide the tools to speed up that process. When a child cannot convert the fantasy into something real, it remains something abstract, something vague. By building, a child learns about the distinction between fantasy and reality, as well as the connections.

Building blocks as educational toys

As mentioned, building blocks are an excellent mechanism for a child to learn through play. It learns about gravity, shapes, sizes, proportions, fitting, spaces, depth and much more. Your child will automatically learn what the limitations of a structure are and is then challenged to come up with new solutions.

This process is really not without fits and starts and that is not a bad thing. A child can get frustrated when something doesn't work out, but that challenges him or her to look for solutions. It is extremely good for a child's confidence to see that it can solve something on its own without the help of mom or dad.

Increase self-confidence

At some point, a child learns that he or she is an individual with his or her own decisions and skills. In this learning phase, children want to try everything for themselves without the help of parents. This is important to stimulate to give a huge boost to self-confidence. When a child sees what it can do, he or she learns to be independent much faster.

Of course, such a child occasionally asks mom or dad to help, but that is when something has not worked out, even after a few tries. You will see that your child is very careful when you show how to do it. The next time your child can do it himself very well. Those are the valuable moments when your child takes steps in his or her development.

The development of motor skills

A child's motor skills are also extremely important to develop. Gross motor skills are promoted with walking, running, cycling, climbing and other activities, while fine motor skills are motivated by crafts, painting, building and puzzles, among other things.

By building with blocks, your child learns to develop fine motor skills at lightning speed. By matching, stacking, sliding and rotating blocks, the skills of the hands are stimulated in a sublime way.

Magnetic building blocks

Construction toys and building blocks come in many different shapes and sizes. Magnetic building blocks are a new trend and very popular in the United States and Australia. Thanks to the magnets, children learn something extra and, moreover, this toy is very intuitive and you will see that your children immediately get started with magnetic building blocks. Hours of fun is assured!

Moreover, you will see that a child is much more challenged by the magnetic building blocks to make the most beautiful structures. The magnets make building almost automatic, so that everything that plays in that children's brain can actually be converted into the most beautiful constructions.

Different shapes and colors

Magnetic toys come in different sizes and shapes. The blocks are colored in bright primary colors such as red, blue and yellow and there are various shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and that in different sizes. That also makes it challenging for a child to see what fits where and what the proportions should be in order to achieve beautiful structures.

From 3 to 9 years old

The great thing about magnetic educational toys is that there is actually no age limit. Even adults like to play with magnetic building blocks, precisely because it is so special. Children of 3 years old play with the magnetic building blocks just as much as children of 9 years old. You can of course see that a bigger child has more skills than a small child, but both are challenged at their level by the educational toys.

Older children also still learn from these educational toys. They are already further with, for example, mathematics and other skills at school, which means that they are able to go one step further. You will see that with the magnetic blocks is a form of educational toy that will shape the architects of the future ...

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